Without Limits Apparel

The Back Story

Without Limits is an organization that combines track workouts with personal training.

They offer group runs and one-on-one coaching to help athletes in Southeastern North Carolina and around the world. In recent years, they’ve also starting offering event apparel for various races, including marathons, triathlons, and swimming events.

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The Challenge

When it comes to choosing their next event, athletes take many different factors into account.

From the course to the location to the organization to the official t-shirt, there are a lot of things a race director must take into account in order to offer the best experience and get the most people to sign up.

Without Limits decided to begin offering Events Promotion Packages that would help take races and events to the next level. In order to accomplish this goal, they needed to work with a custom printing company that could guarantee the superior quality and design. They chose Port City Apparel.

Clients are Saying

The team at Port City Apparel has been incredible in helping me source high quality fabric to help set my brand apart from the competition. They work in true partnership with brands for a truly unique vendor-brand experience.

Tom Clifford, Owner, Without Limits

The Solution

In order to help Without Limits offer the best race apparel in the running community, Port City Apparel offered a number of time-tested strategies.

We printed their designs with high quality inks, recreating the original and unique logos and designs in a clear and attractive manner. Every shirt is custom fitted, cut and sewn in house, offering a snug and superior fit.

While t-shirts are the bread and butter of sporting events, we also helped Without Limits branch into other offerings, such as Lounge Pants. These pants are made with the same stunning designs and quality materials as their t-shirts, setting apart ever race that opts for this choice by allowing them to offer their athletes something they won’t’ find anywhere else.

The Results

By working with Port City Apparel, Without Limits is able to grow their business in a new direction, offering the best race apparel to their partners and celebrating the accomplishments of their athletes in style.

We were thrilled to be a part of the process and look forward to many more first place projects!