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Let us show you the difference.

Sitting down to write this brief description of our company Port City Apparel, I realized two things.  First, the fact that in our field there are a multitude of companies that produce corporate apparel and promotional products.  Secondly, the mission, vision, and purpose for PCA so many years ago as we approached the company was set up from an employee and customer centric perspective.  Premium quality, client care, innovative design process, employee engagement, sustainability, profitability, and on-time delivery, were and still are core values that we strive to excel with daily.

We have an amazing team that brings their time and talent to work every day.  We love what we do and we especially we love the clients we are privileged to serve daily.  I think this is summed up best in our company motto… “Let us show you the difference”.

-Jon Carne, Owner

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