Who Is PCA?

  • Headshot of Jon Carne smiling

    Jon Carne - Principal

    Jon has spent over 30 years in the apparel industry working with brands such as Stone Brewing, In-N-Out Burger, and Hard Rock Cafe. He is known around the office for his charisma, leadership, and frequent use of the phrase, "That's killer!"

  • Headshot of Michelle Carne smiling

    Michelle Carne - Principal

    Michelle is both business and life partners with her husband, Jon. She too has decades of experience in the industry, working with customers all across the country. Besides her intelligence, Michelle has a reputation for picking up all adoable stray animals she finds.

  • Headshot of Adam Clark smiling

    Adam Clark - Director of Operations & Finance

    As a wiz with math and numbers, Adam handles all things involving payment, invoices, and keeping projects on track. In his free time, Adam loves spending time with his family (usually at his kids' sporting events!)

  • Headshot of Corey Creswell smiling

    Corey Creswell - Sales Director

    Sales people have great personalities and the ability to talk to anyone. Luckily, Corey is no different. When Corey isn't chatting it up with a customer, he loves hanging out with his wife and 3 daughters.

  • Headshot of Mary Peyton smiling

    Mary-Peyton Licerio - Production Manager

    Mary-Peyton ensures that every project has the correct art, inventory, and is delievered on time (and often early!). She also has 2 adorable dogs she brings into the office on Fridays.

  • Headshot of Tiffany Throlson smiling

    Tiffany Throlson - Customer Success Advisor

    Tiffany works with our clients to get them everything they need including their art work, products, invoices, and more. When she isn't working, she loves Tik Tok and all things pop culture.

  • Heather Cunningham - Digital Marketing + Graphic Design

    If it involves social media, design, photography, or anything creative, Heather is there to help. She assists clients with their art so their final design is something they love.

  • Headshot of Jasmine Paz smiling

    Jasmine Paz - Production Specialist

    Jasmine works to run our production team. She is an expert with emboridery, patches, threads, and more.

  • Headshot of Chris Huskisson smiling

    Chris Huskisson - Production Specialist

    Chris is our other Production Specialist and knows all there is to know about decorated apparel. He has decades of experience in the industry, and loves to experiment with different art processes.

  • Russell and Marlow

    AKA Mary-Peyton's dogs, these cuties bring the office plently of morale and sweet cuddles.