Bourbon Trailblazers: Savannah Distillery

From creating premium bourbon and vodka to producing craft cocktails, Savannah Distilling simply can't be beat. These trailblazers even put the state of Georgia on the Bourbon-making-map for the first time since Prohibition!
According to their website, "In 2012 there were no bourbons from Georgia. There were distilleries making some corn whiskey, vodka, and moonshine, but no one had stepped into the true bourbon foray. In fact, no Georgia bourbon had been brough to market since Prohibition. We saw some fine bourbons coming from places such as Texas and Colorado and we got thinking... How about we produce, barrel, age and bottle a bourbon that authentically embodies the history, revelry and timeless beauty of Savannah and our Georgia coast, our favorite place in the world."

Savannah Distilling makes their city (and us!) oh so proud with their delicious drinks and forward-thinking. We can't wait to see what they do in the future!