From '79 to 2022: The Wrightsville Beach Triathlon

From '79 to 2022: The Wrightsville Beach Triathlon


The YMCA Triathlon is a race like no other. First held in 1979, Karl Sutter, a resident of Wrightsville Beach, read a short article in Sports Illustrated about the first Ironman held in Hawaii.

He then approached the Wilmington YMCA director at the time and the new event was born. The race became the first and longest-running triathlon on the east coast with its start in '79.

This event took place in our beautiful town about a week ago, and its truly incredible. Athletes wake up before the sun to compete by running, swimming, and biking.

We love watching this race evolve while keeping its original roots. It's a pleasure to partner with Without Limits to provide this race with apparel that has a classic, vintage style with modern comfort!

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