Meet Our Newest Team Member: Tiffany Throlson


We are so excited to welcome Tiffany Throlson to our team!

Although she grew up in Chicago, Tiffany graduated from UNCW with a degree in Economics. She loves cooking, surfing, reading, and her two huskies!

Tiffany is personable and incredibly smart which makes her a perfect fit for her role as a Customer Success Advisor. She is great at helping people and eager to step into all types of situations.
So you could get to know her more, we had her list out some fun facts!
1. I was born in Lansing, Michigan but lived most of my life in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. 
2. I graduated from UNCW from Cameron Business School 2021 with a B.A. in Economics. 
3. I have two huskies: Graham who is 2 and Milo who is10 months old
4. My hobbies consist of cooking, surfing, and reading 
5. Interests: Traveling to every country, skiing, history
6. Fav Color: blue (aqua, teal, light blue) 
7. Fav Holiday: St. Patrick's Day 
8. I love the cold, especially the snow!
9. I can quote TV shows and movie lines all day long.
10. I'm hoping to buy a Jeep Wrangler soon! (I always wanted one!)