Navigating Unprecedented Times in the Apparel Industry

Navigating Unprecedented Times in the Apparel Industry



Like the rest of the world, the apparel industry has been affected by recent economic events. With China's shutdown this past spring, the supply chain issue, and the rising cost of fuel, businesses have had to be resilient in the face of tumultuous circumstances. 

So what is our advice to keep providing excellent work to our customers even in challenging times? 

One word: Preparation. 

Being ahead of the game has proven to be the best way to ensure success. We monitor pricing, news events, and more. Our team keeps a close eye on inventory at all times to ensure we have the garments you need. And if your piece isn't available, our helpful team is ready to offer high-quality comps.

We also keep certain items on hand here in our shop so that the moment you want them, we have them! This includes the most popular hat in the world, the Richardson Trucker (in Heather Grey/Black).

Even though these past months provided new challenges, our team has worked tenaciously to make out clients' apparel dreams come true!

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