Navigating Unprecedented Times in the Apparel Industry



Like the rest of the world, the apparel industry has been affected by recent economic events. With China's shutdown this past spring, the supply chain issue, and the rising cost of fuel, businesses have had to be resilient in the face of tumultuous circumstances. 

So, what is our advice to keep customers happy in challenging times? 

One word: Preparation. 

We keep our eye on inventory at all times to ensure we have the garments you need for your business. This means monitoring what is in stock and being knowledgeable of comps.

We also keep certain items on hand here in our shop so that the moment you want them, we have them! Some of these include black Nike polos and Heather Grey/Black Richardson hats. 

We always want our customers to be happy and get exactly what they want. To do this, we work relentlessly on the front so your dream apparel is ready for you when you are.