The Evolution of Embroidery: Then and Now

     When you hear the word "embroidery" you might think of your grandma spending hours meticulously hand stitching with needle and thread. And at one point, that was an accurate view, but today's embroidery process is incredibly fast, efficient, and precise.
     Thanks to modern advances in computer technology, our machines are ready for just about anything we throw their way! Just this past month alone our average stitch count was 5905 per product. That's almost 6,000 stitches per piece! We are proud to make products that you can love for a lifetime, thanks to the absolute best embroidery machines in the industry. 
     If you are interested in custom embroidery, please reach out to us! Email us at Embroidery is especially great for hats, polos, and backpacks. We look forward to serving you!