Tis the Season for Socks!

Tis the Season for Socks!

up close image of someone wearing grey embroidered custom socks


Okay, let's get get this straight. 

You're looking for a unique way to tell the world about your band. And you definitely want a product that is 100% USA made to support keeping jobs in the states.

Well luckily, there is a solution: our socks!

We offer socks to out customers that come in a variety of styles and colors. They are the comfiest socks you will ever wear and they are made right here in North Carolina.

Okay, so now you feel good that you chose a product made in the USA, but what about your branding? Isn't this all about putting your brand on the spotlight, anyway? No worries, we got you covered. 

Besides being something you where literally everyday, socks are the perfect canvas to embroider with your logo.

Recently, we partnered with Coastal Beverage Co. to create embroidered socks with their brand logo.

Our custom embroidered socks not only look and feel awesome, but they benefit your company in plenty of ways.

Many of our customers sell their socks through an online store or at a retail front. Others give them out to employees to show their appreciation and strengthen employee retention. Some even give them out for free to grow their clientele.

We won't tell you what to do with your custom socks, but we can tell you that they will be of the highest-quality, uber comfortable, and will be the perfect way to showcase your brand! (And hey, if you order socks and just dance around your kitchen wearing them, we won't judge either. That's your business)

Feet in grass wearing grey embroidered socks

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