• From '79 to 2022: The Wrightsville Beach Triathlon

      The YMCA Triathlon is a race like no other. First held in 1979, Karl Sutter, a resident of Wrightsville Beach, read a short article in Sports Il...
  • Understanding the Screen Printing Process

    Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the screen print process, so we wanted to take a moment and break it down. Screen printing is truly an art, so in this article we dive deep  into sizing, pantone colors, using different screens for different ink colors, and more.
  • Meet Our Newest Team Member: Tiffany Throlson

    We are so excited to welcome Tiffany Throlson to our team! She is serving as a Client Success Advisor. So you could get to know her better, we had her list our some fun facts about her life and interests!
  • Employee Spotlight: Corey

    We want to take a moment to highlight our team member, Corey Creswell! Corey is kind, personable, and as relational as they come. He is our Sales Director and works with clients from coast to coast to bring them the best custom apparel and products.
  • Healthy Eats with Verde Restaurant

    We made this foam trucker hat for Verde restaurant in Charleston, SC that conveys their playful attitude and love of healthy eats. Thanks to high-quality screen printing, their message is clear and attention-grabbing as it sits on this bright cap.

  • Core Values: Consistency

    "Consistency is key" isn't just a saying at PCA, it's our mission. This means using efficient processes, top-notch machines and threads, and trained professionals to make every project just as excellent as the last.
  • Branding 101: How Custom Apparel Elevates Your Business

    No one is going to buy a product they don't know about. As people, we connect the most with brands that we have seen multiple times and that have ...
  • Client Spotlight: Wye Hill

    One of Raleigh's hottest spots, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing, came to us in need of merch to sell at their space. Luckily, they already had fun artwork that was simultaneously retro and modern. Their garment of choice was the Comfort Color Pocket T-Shirt. With premium inks, we screen printed their incredible art on the left chest and back. We love the way theirs shirts came out, and love their brand even more! Cheers, Wye Hill!


  • Locals Support Locals

    We love watching local businesses thrive. When we partner with them to create their custom merchandise, we get to watch their impact and presence in the community flourish. And Ebb Tide Surf Company is no different!
  • Customer Spotlight: The Starling

    We had the pleasure of working with the Starling, the Cargo District's only wine and whiskey bar. They wanted some fresh apparel to sell at their shop, so we screen printed their design on soft tees and embroidered their bird logo onto Richardson Umpqua Snapbacks (a favorite this season!)
  • It's All Sunshine & Rainbows with Beverlys!

    The best way to spotlight your brand is with world's best beverage sock, the Beverly. We create these with our sister company Legacy Knitting. This drink sock keeps cans and bottles cold and hands warm.
  • Navigating Unprecedented Times in the Apparel Industry

    The whole world has been affected by the supply chain problem, rising gas prices, and inventory shortages, and the apparel industry is no different. But at Port City Apparel, we have thoughtfully strategized to keep you happy by keeping some of your favorite goods on hand like polos and Richardson Trucker hats!