Blonde woman wearing a blue pullover hoodie from Independent Trading Company and Port City Apparel in Wilmington North Carolina.

Branded Apparel Trends for Businesses in Q4 2020

2020 has been a trying year in so many ways. It.has.been.tough.

With three months remaining to salvage this crazy year, the team at PCA is on your side with hot trends and helpful ideas to recognize your teams and promote your businesses.


Tents, mountain bikes and RVs are hard to come by right now because people are looking to get out into nature and find an area to themselves or new landscapes to explore. Jackets, sweatshirts, and headwear have been trending up as a result. We expect to see these categories rise tremendously in the cooler months approaching the holidays as companies look to gain loyalty by taking better care of their employees.

The North Face, Carhartt, Cutter & Buck, and Eddie Bauer have a wide variety of jackets and vests that look great on a sales floor and perform with premium features when in the elements. Plus, they are designed so your business can easily add a logo or team member name with embroidery.

Sweatshirts are continuing to climb in popularity with more styles and colors available than ever before. There is a cut and color available to represent your brand and keep your team comfortable while performing their essential jobs. Customers are loving the PRM2000 California Wave Wash Crewneck and IND4000 Classic Heavyweight sweatshirts along with the EXP54LWZ Lightweight Windbreaker and EXP120PFV Hyper-Loft Puffy Vest from Independent Trading Company.

With the shift in more people heading outdoors, the headwear category has seen impressive growth lately as well. Hats are perfect for your company logo since they are worn often, highly coveted by the owner, and in the line of sight of others. PCA has the widest selection of premium hats available from Richardson and New Era, with both brands providing the perfect sized area to embroider your brand or team logo. If you’re looking for 100% custom hats, we can do that too! 


2020 has been exceptionally hard on most of us and many companies are finding new ways of showing their appreciation to the teams of employees who have stepped up in order to meet customer needs in the face of adversity. Showing recognition through rewards and gifting has always been powerful, and in 2020 we’re seeing a lot more of it. Gifts have ranged from custom printed face masks to decorated drinkware from YETI, embroidered bags from OGIO to bundles containing multiple branded pieces of apparel and promotional goods.

With so many events like tradeshows, corporate open houses and grand openings being postponed or cancelled, we’re seeing businesses wanting to curate an attention-grabbing experience for enjoyment at home. Businesses large and small are sending out gifts and promotional items to prospects and valued clients for an “unboxing” or “reveal”, paired with a Zoom presentation. PCA specializes in curating collections and fulfillment so you can create your own gift bundle and we’ll do the rest. 

Most businesses are expected to forego holiday parties this year due to risk, but employees still need to feel rewarded and recognized for how they have adapted and performed. We expect to see more businesses pivot to set up personalized gifting and virtual events to replace the holiday party. We’re hearing about smaller teams virtually gathering for beer and wine tastings and even cooking classes. 

How do you plan to help your people look and feel their best? 

We’re here for you.


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