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Put Premium Brands To Work For You

At Port City Apparel, we help businesses reach their branded apparel and promotional goals by offering a curated selection of the best brands available. With a wide variety of clients ranging from auto dealerships and local charities to food distribution and craft breweries, our trained branding reps know how to satisfy clients with our collection of premium apparel for customization. Our reps will partner with you to choose the right blanks and decoration methods, including but not limited to screen printing and embroidery.

Port City Apparel has deep roots in the custom apparel and promotional goods industry. 30 years of working in this industry have taught us a thing or two about the value of quality, comfort, and sustainability. Like most things, there is no substitute for quality when it comes to apparel. 

Here are some of our favorites for late 2020 into 2021:

Polos- Callaway and Nike continue to deliver excellent fabrics with modern cuts that perform from the sales floor in the morning, to the 18th and 19th hole in the evening. Our clients are currently loving the CGM451 by Callaway and the 363807 from Nike.

 Black Callaway Branded Polo

Nike Polo Style  363807  Maroon

Fleece (Sweatshirts and Zip ups)-  The North Face and Carhartt continue to deliver customer favorites with their excellent build quality, tech-laden features, and high brand loyalty. The NF0A3LH6 by The North Face and CT104050 by Carhartt are customer favorites for their superior breathability and excellent weather resistant features. Independent Trading Company continues to trend with their amazing quality cotton/poly blends, premium comfort, and excellent price points. Independent’s line of women’s fleece is in demand due to their feminine cuts and trending colorways. Check out the PRM2000 California Wave Wash Crewneck below to see what we are talking about.

The North Face Fleece

Navy Carhartt Fleece

Independent Trading Company PRM2000 Rose


Outerwear- The North Face, Carhartt and Independent Trading Company deliver amazing quality jackets and vests to stand up to the elements and take you where you want to go in comfort. Adding your corporate logo or employee’s name is easier than ever. Consider the NF0A552Z from The North Face, the CT104050 from Carhartt and the EXP54LWZ from Independent Trading Company.  


The North Face Shell Jacket

Carhartt Duck Jacket

Independent Trading Company


Headwear- Richardson Hats continue to perform year after year. They are sought out for their classic designs, premium materials, and colorways to match your brand’s identity. Custom hats are a great investment for your business as part of a uniform or promotion to gain more customer loyalty. Let us know what you are looking to embroider, and we will respond with a free quote. Styles 111 and 112 are best sellers seen below.


Richardson Hats 111

Richardson Hat Style 112


Trending Brands- Next Level Apparel and Bella Canvas are leaders in developing high-demand and fashion-forward styles for the teams who value style as well as comfort.

Next Level Apparel creates flattering silhouettes with the latest colorways in the fashion business. Styles 6010 and 6710 are customer favorites for that reason.


 Next Level Apparel 6010

 Bella Canvas delivers a wide array of trending cuts and colors that transition nicely from the office to a night out. Whether you are dressing the styles up or down, Bella Canvas is a favorite for their unique style, comfort, and long-lasting quality. Check out the 3413 and 3001 or contact us today for availability.

Bella Canvas Gray Tee


We encourage you to read further about the brands you want to use for your team’s apparel or feel free to ask one of our trained branding specialists to help you choose the right brands for your project. Let us show you the difference by sending a proposal with fitting styles and colors to help your people look and feel their best.

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