Screen Printing FAQs

Screen Printing FAQs

What is your minimum?

Our minimum order quantity is 48 items.


What kind of artwork do you need?

We’ll need a digital vector file of your artwork. This file type will have an ending in .SVG, .EPS, .AI, and sometimes .PDF. If you do not have this type of file, send over a high-quality JPEG or PNG and we will do our best to make it work for an additional art fee.


Do you have a pricing sheet?

Each individual quote is determined based on the blanks, intricacy of the artwork, printing location, and quantity of items ordered. Creating a custom quote is quick and easy, so send over your information over email and we’ll happily price your project!


What are your setup fees?

All setup fees are included in the price per shirt.


How do I keep my price down?

The number of pieces you order has a large effect on pricing, so the more you order the more you will save per item. Additionally, designs with one color will be cheaper than those with multiple and prints with one location are cheaper than two or more.


Can I mix and match shirt colors, styles, and sizes?

Absolutely! If you are using the same artwork and same location, you can pick any number of colors and sizes as long as the total meets our minimum order quantity of 48 pieces.


How many colors can you print?

We can print a maximum of ten colors per design.


Can I switch ink colors?

Yes, you can switch ink colors for the same design for an additional fee.


Can I submit my own shirts?

To guarantee quality, we only print on new blanks that we order from our trusted suppliers.

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