Tie-dye is back.  And in a big way!

Tie-dye is back. And in a big way!

During the mid 1960's, it took the fashion world by storm; however, it is no longer just the standard dress code for your average music festival attendee. 



Nowadays, the trend has moved to celebrities and your influencing stay-at-homers. From t-shirts to hoodies to pants and more, tie-dye is one of the new top ways to upgrade your loungewear.

With more colors and styles being released, choose from heavy or mid-weight fleece and even the ultra trendy crop top in cotton candy tie dye from Independent Trading Co



New "crystal dyes" and "tiger stripes" are popping up and we are able to offer the top styles to help you set your brand apart for the summertime. We can quickly turn around custom orders for custom screen printing, DTG, and embroidery.


Don't know or don't care what a crystal dye is? That's OK, we can guide you into some new vibrant solids and we have plenty of plaids. Reach out with any questions or how we can help. 



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