Customer Spotlight: The Starling

      Wilmington is booming with fresh ideas, creativity, and new life thanks to businesses popping up all over town. The Starling is a wine and whiskey bar located in the Cargo District that perfectly embodies these ideals.
      Even though they just opened this past spring, they are already a favorite spot of locals with their smooth drinks and cool atmosphere. Working with them is a pleasure, and we can't wait to watch their business thrive in our city!
      The Starling wanted some fresh apparel to sell at their shop, we so provided them with hats and tees to show off their beautiful logo. We screen printed their design on soft tees and embroidered their bird logo onto Richardson Umpqua Snapbacks (these have been a fan favorite this season!)
      We love working to help local businesses thrive, and high-quality apparel is the best marketing tool for small businesses to get the word out. We provide excellence to businesses big and small to put their businesses in the spotlight and watch them flourish!