Transform Your Marketing Plan with Promotional Products

      Promotional products are everywhere, and with good reason. They are the most highly viewed form of advertising, despite the growth of digital marketing. If you look around you, you will find a promotional product. You might find a branded pen in your purse right now or a tee shirt in your closet!
     The reason companies pay for promotional products is because of one simple reason: they work. A study from Advertising Specialties Impressions shows that 76% of recipients recall a company's name if it's on a promotional product. You read that right, 76%!
     So what are promotional products exactly? Typically, promotional products are branded products given out to promote a brand, business, or event. This could be a free tee-shirt you are given at a race or a water bottle with a company name on it. Besides tees and water bottles, companies often put their logos on chapstick, pens, frisbees, and more.
    The never-ending noise of the digital sphere is just getting louder and louder, digital branding impossible. Start with what is proven to work: promotional products that your customers will love.